Paul Roche, formerly the National Golf Sales Manager at a major irrigation manufacturer, has formed an exciting new venture, Golf Water LLC, providing irrigation system designs as well as project consultation and management services to golf courses throughout the United States.

“After nine years in the manufacturing world, I am really excited to be back following my passion for designing golf course irrigation systems. The experiences I have gained traveling the country have given me greater perspective and knowledge that I can use to help golf course superintendents. The need to precisely manage water, energy, and labor resources have never been more important. I look forward to helping design systems that will efficiently manage resources through the application of smart solutions and best design and management practices.”
– Paul Roche, Principal

With more than 30 years of irrigation industry experience, Roche is creating an irrigation design and consulting firm that is focused on the needs of the golf course superintendent.  The Golf Water principal has visited and worked with thousands of golf courses throughout the world, learning about the challenges faced in different climates, terrain and water sources.  Now he is bringing this experience to Golf Water to focus on golf course superintendents, managers, and owners to provide the best irrigation solutions that meets the unique requirements, expectations, and challenges of each individual golf course client.

Golf Water provides a wide range of services to the golf industry including: system analysis and evaluation, master planning, irrigation design and specification, golf course GPS record drawing and mapping, and system programming.  Golf Water is uniquely positioned with offices in Wake Forest, North Carolina and Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Golf Water is a full-service golf irrigation design and consulting firm that expertly engineers smart water management and application solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding golf course environment with a focus on efficient use of water, labor and energy.

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